“(Taylor was) an integral part of the new College Town Rochester development along Mt. Hope Avenue and have been a strong partner with Fairmount & Gilbane on their success to date. Their enthusiasm and commitment to quality was well demonstrated, as this was an intensive project with complex detailed work and an extremely aggressive schedule. (Taylor was) efficient, providing services on time and under budget, and work to partner and streamline the many facets of construction. I would like to express our appreciation for your dedication to success on the College Town Rochester project.”

Shawn P. Casey

University Properties and Contracts Manager, University of Rochester

“This is the best mattress store in the country!” (Referring to the new construction of an 11,000-square-foot store by Eastview Mall in Victor, NY)

Bill Barden

Director of Facilities, City Mattress

“We have worked with Taylor for over 20 years. (They have a) stellar reputation within the building community… The customer focus of the Taylor management team is almost unheard of in the construction industry. They really listen… the principals will be out to the site… and resolve any issues until we are satisfied… it is a very secure feeling knowing that you are working with someone who is trustworthy and honest.”

James Branciforte

CEO, Lifetime Assistance, Inc.

“Taylor has invested in our vision, not just in our projects. When we work with them, everyone from the site manager to the CEO understands how our sites will be used and why we need to grow to serve more people in need. We’ve been delighted with the quality of their work and with the excellence of their character.”

Marisa Geitner

President and CEO, Heritage Christian Services

Heritage Christian Services has multiple goals with every project it enters into. Those goals include on-budget, on-time, and the highest possible quality. We’re constantly looking at every project for value, not the lowest cost project, but the best value. We owe it to the tax payers and the people we serve that we are being as efficient as possible. Jim Taylor and his team have the expertise to make that happen for us.”

Ron Little

Senior VP of Finance and Agency Advancement, Heritage Christian Services

“We engaged Taylor to build a store 6 hours away from our home base. We trusted them to supervise the build-out with minimal oversight, but constant communication – which they delivered. I felt confident with the decisions they made, and we were in constant contact. They always responded to calls, email, and texts. As a result we received the store we needed with no surprises. Thanks Taylor!”

Matt Kamins

Co-Owner, Wings Over Rochester

“There is a process that you go through when you are building something… the planning process involves structural site engineering, it involves town applications, and it involves working with architects. What (Taylor) does is simplify that process; walk us through, tell us what makes sense. We have come to depend on (Taylor) to be an advisor as well as a general contractor.”

Claude Wright

President and CEO, Wright Wisner Distributing Corporation

“The reason we chose Taylor over the competition was the strong reputation that they have, but in addition to that, the ability to coordinate the large activities with the many players that were involved: the subcontractors, the customer, the landlord…there were a lot of things that needed to be managed in a very short period of time. We felt very strongly that Jim Taylor, and the team at Taylor, would be able to meet our very aggressive timeline, and make sure that we still had it built with the quality level we needed to have.”

Fred Brown

Director of Operations, Zeller Corporation

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